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Avedia Energy was established in 2007 as a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company and currently operates a bulk import and handling facility in Saldanha Bay, as well as a bottling plant in Airport Industria, Cape Town.

The Avedia Energy Import and handling facility was commissioned in August 2017 and is currently supplying the LPG market with product.

The facility will be one of the key LPG infrastructure site which will enable the growth of the LPG market in Southern Africa.

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LPG Market Demand

The current demand for LPG in South Africa amounts to 350 000 MT per annum, of which 100 000 MT is utilized in the Western Cape.  The anticipated growth in the LPG market over the next five years is in the region of 50%.

Saldanha Bay is expected to comprise 16% of the LPG market in the Western Cape.  The volume that will be used in the vicinity of the Port of Saldanha will therefore amount to around 25 000 MT, upon completion of the facility.

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