The SPAR CHALLENGE / WALK provided a relaxed environment that facilitated team building through active team effort while walking for 5km/10km. Several Avedia staff members came together to support Women. It was also an opportune event where staff got to know each other outside of their usual work routine and environment.

The idea in having an Avedia team was to create a team experience that would enrich the sense of team spirit as well as to stimulate a team identity. We believe that events such as this strengthen team cohesiveness and the sense of belonging. Avedia will continue to provide a series of creative, adventurous forms of therapy and fun activities to empower long lasting memories; and we encourage more staff to participate in the upcoming events.

At Avedia we allow individuals in search of their talents to put forward suggestions of Team Building events which they would like to engage in with their work colleagues. We trust that this will promote personal growth, development and rejuvenation.

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